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Winner of Best for Educational Care Home Entertainment - United Kingdom in the GHP Social Care Awards for 2017-18
Winner of Best Educational Services in the Aspire Awards 2017

Performing Animals Licence

Risk Assessments

5m Public Liability

Transportation Licences

Our Commitment to Our Animals

We are totally against the international pet trade and all our animals are captive bred in the UK.

Our animals are assessed closely for several weeks before being allowed to work. We look at their history and take time to ensure that they are content to be handled before they are allowed to go to any venue.

Some of our animals are used for display only based on their needs and history.

We have more than one of most animals so they do not work more than two consecutive days.  Sometimes our animals are retired for a period of time due to seasonal needs or changes in behaviour. Mating seasons can affect animals' behaviour towards humans as can temperature.

We are happy to assist with rehoming animals as they are better out of a home where they are no longer able to be looked after properly, whether through the ill health or time available to the owner or other unfortunate circumstances,


The People

Find out about Nesta and some of her workers and volunteers.


The Mammals

Meet Lola the Therapy Dog and her kittens, the elephants and more! Who comes from deepest darkest Peru?


The Reptiles

Hugo Boss likes being hugged, the blue tongued skinks tend to lick you. Meet all the reptiles and find out some interesting facts.


The Birds

Bob Nesta Marley lives at this address when Bob and Marley are on my shoulders!
Meet the parrots and more!


The Invertebrates

Meet some of our creepies and crawlies.  Find out how they would survive a nuclear attack, where their skeletons are and more!


The Amphibians

Find out some unusual facts about amphibians. Meet the tree frogs and cane toads.
Learn about axolotls.


Phone: +44 (7976) 568 593